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Why Beile training school

We care

Beile training school’s principle is We Care. We see foreign teachers as Beile training school’s great wealth, we care about your career development and life in China.


We provide systematic teaching support

Beile training school’s Academic department concentrate on better teaching method research and development, we will provide curriculum and all required teaching resources to teachers through academic meetings and on-going training sessions.


You are not just teaching English

Instead of just teaching English, you will teach Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies through K-12 program which is on level with the American primary school system. You will build a more solid foundation for future career development.


We are big

There are more than 150 foreign teachers at Beile training school, you can easily find friends, both professionally and personally.


We are small

The class size is small, only 10~15 students for one class. You do not have to face 30 or even more students in one classroom at the same time, you have more time to instruct and interact with each student


You can start teaching any time

Not like most schools, you do not have to start teaching at Beile training school in a specific month. You can begin to work at Beile training school at any time, which gives you more flexibility to suit your personal agenda.


Get free TEFL certificate

Foreign teachers without a TEFL or TESOL certificate can complete the free TEFL certificate program offered by the company and receive the certificate.


Advancement Opportunities

At Best Learning, you can prove your value not just as a teacher at Beile training school, you may also have opportunities for growth and career development in management, curriculum development, and marketing and many other functions.