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Summer Camp USASummer Camp USA

To enrich the lives of students from every walk of life and to expose young people to new adventures, Beile training school has served as host for many Chinese families to travel and study abroad. Our Best Future program, which was developed specifically for those with a deep interest in Americas language and culture, offers students first-hand insight into America's deep traditions. Combining English language classes with an adventurous tour of Americas big cities (such as San Francisco, Monterey, L.A., St. Diego) makes our program one of the most well-balanced language and culture immersion program in China.

 For those with an inquisitive thirst for cultural diversity, adventure and a desire to experience the grandeur of the world's most populous country, our program offers one of the most exciting and unique opportunities of a lifetime. More than an academic in-class learning experience, our program makes it possible for students to assimilate the magnificent environment, gaining profound knowledge into the western culture and language.