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Night life


Beijing has fast become a tourist destination that has surpassed many in its wake. About 20 years ago, such a life of joy and entertainment was unheard of in Beijing, China. But as time changed, so did China and now with a massively booming economy, it is fast moving towards the westernized way of living, especially in regards to its 'night culture'. Nowadays, teenagers can be seen roaming and spending their time at a local bar or cinemas, theaters, nightclubs, song and dance halls, Karaoke clubs or restaurants, which has become a daily routine in Beijing and it is widely accepted by the evolving Chinese society.

Beijing is known to be a traditional and conservative city, where people like to spend their time in homes, with their families. However, after sunset, Beijing still remains a hot spot for tourists and visitors, due to its numerous pubs, eating joints, clubs and nightclubs.

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