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Beijing Opera


Beijing Opera, also called "Eastern Opera," is a principle tradition in Chinese culture. It is called Beijing Opera because it is formed in Beijing.

Beijing Opera has a history of 200 years in which its fountainhead can be dated back to old local operas, especially Anhui

Beijing Opera has a rich list of plays, artists, troupes, audiences, and wide influences, making it the foremost opera in China. Beijing Opera is a comprehensive acting art. It blends singing, reading, acting, fighting, and dancing together by using acting methods to narrate stories and depict characters. The roles in Beijing Opera include the male, female, painted-face, and comedic roles. Besides, there are other supporting roles as well. In addition, the types of facial make-up, especially concerning the color, are the most particular art in Beijing Opera, because they can symbolize the personalities, characteristics, and fates of the roles.


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