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Cost of Living



Whether you are a millionaire in charge of a huge company, or an ordinary worker that struggles to get by, one cost you can’t avoid is that of Beijing traffic – be prepared. There’s no “rush hour”, there’s only a never-ending “rush day”. It’s the biggest headache for those who commute to work by car and a nightmare for those that have to use public transportation.

It’s better to use taxis instead, as you can get off and find a nearby subway station when the traffic jam gets too hectic. Not to mention, a Beijing taxi rate is very reasonable. A short 15-minute drive costs about 20 RMB. The rate from the airport to the city centre is around 100 RMB.

Public transport is even cheaper. Bus tickets average 1 RMB, and a subway ticket cost 2 RMB for a number of routes.

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