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Teacher Testimonials

Paul Chatham


Hello, my name is Paul Chatham, and I am a teacher here at Beile training school.  I come from the rolling hills of Appalachia in Georgia, and so, yes, my neck has shades of red.  Since leaving that great state, I have bounced around from Hawaii to South Korea to Taiwan and now to China.  I am currently residing in the city of Beijing, a city filled with many things.  Beijing is a city filled with culture, history, entertainment, and, unfortunately, pollution and too many people, but I like to focus on the positive.  I have an interesting and comfortable life here.

I have been teaching English at Beile training school for six months now.  In that time, I have learned quite a bit. I have learned that kids like to learn as much as they like to wrestle; you just have to provide a bit of direction and sometimes a bit of a push. Most of all, I have learned that working with kids in any capacity is always rewarding.

As for the company itself, Beile training school has been pretty good to me. There have never been any issues of false promises, late payment, or any other negative situations that often accompany teaching English in foreign countries. For the most part, I have been given what I was promised, and for that I am grateful. As with everything, there have been some small issues here and there, but all in all I have had a great time here and have no regrets. Teaching abroad has its risks and its rewards, but I have found that the rewards have always outweighed the risks.  Then again, I have always been fairly lucky.