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Teacher Testimonials

Cassie Taylor


My name is Cassie Taylor and I've been working with Beile training school for almost a year and a half. I’m originally from a small town in Wisconsin, but got my Bachelors in Anthropology at a college in Salem, Oregon. Once out of college I decided I wanted to travel and figured a great way to do so was to teach English abroad. I took a TEFL course and ultimately decided on China because I hadn't traveled much around Asia and the pay was high compared to other countries.

I did my first teaching year in Beijing and went in not knowing what to expect. I did not speak any Chinese, had very little teaching experience, and had never lived abroad for an extended period of time. My co-workers helped me find my way through any difficulties that I came across and Beile training school provided a great network of teachers to easily meet new friends.

After a year in Beijing I decided I wanted to move to Shanghai and so the company transferred me to one of their new schools in Pudong. I stayed with Beile training school because they are flexible about working with my schedule to provide me with vacation time to travel. During my time here I have traveled to Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, Maldives and am currently preparing for a trip to Thailand. I have also found that I enjoy teaching cute little Chinese kids and that the rewards of teaching make coming into work something to look forward to.


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