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Hello there. My name is Croix and I hail from the great frozen state of Minnesota. I grew up in Saint Paul and went to school in North Dakota. After 6 months of working in frigid North Dakota I decided I needed a change and was offered a job teaching at a public middle school in Beijing. After about a month of working in Beijing’s public school system, I was seriously exhausted. The hours were long (at least nine hours a day including travel), random stray animals would wander into my classroom, there was no internet and no heating, and the class sizes were unbearable. I saw an advertisement online for Beile training school and decided to try it out (at that time anything was better than my current situation).

As a foreigner living in China, you really have to be careful about which company you decide to work with. So many companies are in the business of cheating foreigners (overworking them or simply not paying them). However, I was really impressed with this company’s organization. I have been with Beile training school for about 10 months and it has been a great experience. They have provided me with the proper visa. The salary is great, and they provide a housing allowance.  Everyone I work with is willing to help me out if I am in a pickle. Another thing to note about living in China is that the living expenses are considerably lower and you can save quite a lot of cash. Finally, I have found the most satisfaction in working with the kids in my classes. I can’t believe how well their English has progressed. I enjoy the ‘light bulb’ moments, especially when the kids feel confident enough to try something on their own. If you want to make a difference in a Child’s life this may be what you’re looking for.

Part:Shawn Daniel Petche