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At the time of writing, I am nearly a week away from my one year anniversary leaving Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, living in Beijing, China and teaching at Beile training school.  Reflecting now, I remember all the thoughts going through my head before coming here – both feelings of stress and excitement.    My experiences here have confirmed both of those; yet, when I near the end of my first year contract I did not waste any time in signing for a second!

Beile training school has been very supportive since my arrival in Beijing.  All of the initial training seemed a little excessive.  At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to handle teaching young children but once I actually settled in it became much easier.  The entire Chinese staff at my center had volunteered to help me find a nice area to move to and introduced me to their hometown cuisines.  The really great part about Beile training school is actually getting in front of a classroom and connecting with your students.  The dedication of these young Chinese learners is amazing and seeing their progress is exceptionally rewarding.

When I first arrived, I was very enthusiastic about seeing the great historical attractions of Beijing, such as The Great Wall and The Forbidden City, but even after the novelty of these ran thin I began to appreciate the back alleys and the real culture of modern China more.  Travelling within China is also very accessible.  I’ve used many of my 3-day holidays to visit other places in China.  I have had the opportunity to go to Shanghai, Tianjin, Wenzhou, Taipei and Hong Kong this year and who knows where I’ll get to go next year!


Part:Joseph Dryer