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Hello my name Marcos and I'm from San Francisco California. I studied education in college and loved it but before I made a big decision to go into teaching I wanted to make sure it was the right thing for me. So I decided to teach in China to try it out plus at the same time get to see the world, and it has been an amazing experience!

Firstly the kids are awesome. You don't realize it at first but once you get to know your kids you come to love all their unique personalities and they always find a way to surprise you. Sometimes you can't wait until class is over so you can tell your friends some funny story from class. It's also extremely rewarding. When I got my first PreK class they only knew their alphabet and some key vocal, but by the end of the year they were all able to read simple words and sentences. Then you realize "Whoa, I was the one that taught them that!" You don't always realize it but you are directly responsible for these kids growing and learning and it's a great feeling.

Finally it’s just a blast living in a different country and experiencing all it has to offer. You learn so much about yourself when you are able to contrast your way of living and doing things with another culture's. Plus you don't just experience China you will get to experience all of Asia! In my time here I have been to Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and all over China and they have all been amazing. All my friends back home are so jealous saying they wish they could do what I'm doing and the funny thing is they can! They are just scared to leave or think they have too much keeping them at home. Anybody can do it you just have to have an adventurous spirit. But I have to say the most important thing from my time in China is all the amazing friends I have made here. There are people that I now consider some of the best friends I have ever had and I would never have met them if I never came to China and shared in all these amazing experiences with them.


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