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Teacher Testimonials

Shawn Daniel Petche


Hello, my name is Shawn Daniel Petche. I have been a teacher with Beile training school for over one year now. I worked in Beijing at the Shuangjing center. Before coming to work for Best Learning, I was not sure if I would like China. After one year, I was happy with my job and there was a new position available in Shanghai. So, it was an easy decision for me to move.

Now, I live in Shanghai and I am one of three other teachers who are preparing the school for classes. Our center is beautiful and the progress has been quick. After two months we expect to be opening three new classes with more to follow.

My background in education does not extend long before coming to China. I spent over six years in the university obtaining a double-major in Humanities and Community Development. I grew up in New Mexico and moved to Portland, Oregon to attend Portland State University.

I studied Spanish while in school and did several language exchange programs. While learning Spanish, I realized I had an interest in languages. My interest took me to Spain where I studied in my final semester. There I gained greater fluency and realized that the world seemed much bigger when you speak another language.

During my time in Spain I was offered a job in Beijing to become a teacher. I thought that I may enjoy teaching a language since I enjoyed learning one so much. I took the opportunity and I do not regret it a bit.


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