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I have been working at Best Learning English in Beijing for about a month now and living in China for over one year. Having taught at 2 other Chinese public schools as a Conversational English teacher and one other training school prior to coming to Best Learning I can say that Best Learning is the most professional and well organized school I worked at. Their curriculum is well thought out and easy to follow as a teacher, with plenty of tools and resources for you to plan your lessons with and teach. This makes your classes fun and meaningful and provides good results for the students. The assistants you will be assigned to work with are very helpful and knowledgeable both during the class and for advice and guidance in planning lessons. The other schools I worked at provided very little help, support or requirements for the lessons they wanted me to teach. Having a fully planned curriculum and a professional work environment plus competitive pay is the main reason I decided to come work for Best Learning. I look forward to working with Best Learning this year and possibly beyond.



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