Beile training school is a total English immersion training institute established in 2009. At present Beile training school has over thirty centers nationwide, with over 20,000 families enjoying the Beile training school experience. The most advanced and innovative American teaching philosophy is provided to the children of China by Beile training school. Traditional American Kindergarten (ages 2-6) and primary school (ages 7-12) curriculum is the heart of Beile training school’s educational structure. Certified foreign teachers, skilled research and development team, and complete education oversight make up Beile training school’s educational configuration. Beile training school is guaranteed to be an outstanding and professional organization offering a unique and amazing opportunity to study abroad without leaving China! 

Beile training school English is a brand owned by China Shanghai Jingmei Business Consulting Co., Ltd. 

Service Philosophy

“We Care”

In order to inspire student’s interest in learning, Beile training school aims for a fun, happy, and exciting classroom. Through compassion, Beile training school teachers create an atmosphere that instills principles which help students develop into outstanding adolescents. Beile training school K-12 American education institute encompasses qualified foreign teachers, US exams and assessments, and curriculum that is synchronized with the USA. Beile training school is built with a compassionate staff that... more


Beile training school teachers are all full time teachers who are TESOL Licensed. All Beile training school teachers are full of rich experience.
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